Enjoy Freedom From Downtime

Enjoy Freedom From Downtime

The Award Winning ultra-low profile floor-mounted cable management systems allow for power and data cabling to be delivered anywhere in a space without the need for core drilling, trenching or power poles.


On-Floor Wireway

The Connectrac On-Floor system provides power and data cable management and installs on top of any flooring.

In-Carpet Wireway

The Connectrac In-Carpet offers an elegant power and data wireway solution that integrates with any carpet layout while providing a removable top cap for easy cable accessibility.


Under-Carpet Wireway

The Connectrac Under-Carpet provides power through an invisible wireway installed directly underneath any carpet tiling.


Connectrac® Wireways provide easy and cost-effective cable management solutions, enabling you to have connectivity nearly anywhere. We are here to help bring seamless technology access to your workplace with a simple, convenient, and time-efficient installation.

Visit Connectrac’s products page to see all of our wireway options, and read our latest blog to learn more about how we used Connectrac in our own office space.

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