Audio Video Colorado Overview

Audio Video Colorado

Audio Video Colorado (AV Colorado) is an audio, video, CCTV and specialty lighting company, focused on design, sales, installation, and service. We create AV systems uniquely designed to fulfill both the short and long-term needs of our clients.  Our clients include churches, schools, government, and corporate entities.  AV Colorado maintains the most ethical business practices and all of our employees undergo a rigorous background check and extensive training programs.

A Service Oriented AV Integrator

Our specialty is to design and build new systems that reflect the culture and environments of our clients spaces. We strive to make the systems so simple that anyone can walk into a room and use the systems with little or no training. We work closely with architects, general contractors and project managers to ensure jobs are timely and accurate the first time. We can also upgrade and provide service for existing systems.


Services Provided by Audio Video Colorado

Design and Project Management – By asking the right questions and listening carefully, we can provide a superior design that will remain current for years to come.  Technology issues will be expediently addressed based on sound judgement and experience.

Training and Support – We can teach you how to get the most out of your system.  If you need someone on site for a special event(s), you can count on our assistance. Documentation packages and important data can be shared and backed up via our redundant server.

Redeployment and Repair – Whether you need to fix what you have or use it in a different way, we can provide comprehensive service.

Single Source – When you need AV technology to be integrated into the structure of your building, such as framing of a new office, drywall in a conference room, paint matching, or millwork, we can team with and manage a select group of Contractors and Project Managers.

Fast, Efficient, and Flexible – Sometimes projects need to occur off-hours, within tight deadlines, or around others’ schedules. We enjoy meeting our customers’ needs.

Even if you have your own labor or preferred contractor, we can provide management, system commissioning, and documentation for your AV systems.