Learn The Simple Way To Improve Meetings And Webcasts

Learn The Simple Way To Improve Meetings And Webcasts

The purpose of any webcast is to send or exchange information in a way that the audience will find interesting and memorable. Inogeni products are so simple to use that the room does not need an operator. When the presenter can be spontaneous in their use of different sources and display two images at the same time, the presentation is better.



Inogeni SHARE2U and SHARE2 are easy to operate, reliable, compact and robust. They simultaneously capture 2 video sources into a single stream over USB with audio from your HDMI/DVI/VGA or CVBS sources to your PC. They optimize signals for recording, video conferencing, lecture capture and streaming applications. No driver installation.

They are both compatible with Windows, OSX, Linux operating systems and is UVC-compliant so will work with all DirectShow/V4L2 and AVFoundation compatible software.

Use them with all apps such as Skype, Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Hangout, etc. and requires no driver installation.


Does It Work In A Meeting Room?


This is a generic room with cameras mounted at the front. The purpose of the room is to support a live, interactive webcast of the nine meeting members, the meeting leader and a remote site. The people they are speaking with appear on a large screen. This could also be a one way webcast more like a news report in which case you would only require one large screen to serve as a monitor. Using a CAM Selector300 you could include a 3rdcamera in the rear of the room directed on the meeting leader/moderator.

What About A Lecture Room?


A small lecture room used by different presenters. Using the HDMI output of the SHARE2U, the video is also shown on the screen. The presentation is webcast and made available for online review. In this case the SHARE2U is also used as an input to a Creston RL-2

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