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Boardroom with desk phone used to control AudioConference Calls

Boardroom with desk phone used to control Audio
Conference Calls

Enough people have shared a video conference over devices using Skype, WebEx and other well known solutions to know that the expensive conferencing codecs are no longer necessary.  What is needed is interoperability with PC, Mac, smart phones and tablets. We deliver this using tools from suppliers such as IoCom, Vaddio and RevoLabs. Imagine everyone in your organization being able to participate using whatever device they have, wherever they are. We provide HD quality pan, tilt and zoom cameras that work better than webcams. Wireless microphones can be placed on conference tables with minimal aesthetic impact. You can connect over 25 participants at once without having  to buy and manage an expensive bridge.

Since audio is the base function of all conferencing systems, we can help you go beyond a speakerphone to get HD audio.  There is nothing more distracting and disruptive than bad audio on a conference call.  Integration is now possible with an evenly distributed sound system capable of playing anything.

The best part is that this technology is scalable from entry level (low cost) to very comprehensive. The same system for a video conference can be used to record your next company meeting or training.  Imagine the savings and convenience associated with less travel plus spontaneity.

Executive Conference room with integrated tele-conferencing