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At AV Colorado we take into consideration your business goals and unique identity before recommending a room control system. While control systems enable anyone in your organization to run a sophisticated system, we find that if the design is simple enough the user interface can be most intuitive. The system should match your current technology infrastructure and be transparent.


From basic keypads to complete room control, we have the solution that matches your distinct identity. For those that want to control all aspects of the system there are some great tools available including tablets such as the iPad and Surface. Many enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of these devices.  Of course we can provide dedicated touch panels on the wall or that fit in your hand. Sometimes a control system can be run from a dedicated PC that also runs the presentation. We can control virtually everything in the room from AV, to shades, lights and temperature.

We believe that your AV programming shouldn’t be locked up in a controller by an expensive programmer. While some manufacturers do their best to provide a comprehensive solution that often locks people in, we prefer products that are more open and cost effective.  Many AV manufacturers push dealers to lead with their products. We lead with what is in our client’s best interest. While those same manufacturers have suddenly cut off dealers for not pushing enough of their product, we find comfort in knowing that there are distributors stocking what we sell here in Denver that welcome our business. It’s always your prerogative to choose a product from an exclusive and often demanding supplier.  Having been there and done that, we are relieved that automation can be easy again.