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There are a number of ways to deliver your message with media.  Digital signage is something that can function well in most facilities.  Most of what makes digital signage work is software that assists you in formatting and scheduling your content. The hardware part of the solution is a compact player capable of delivering HD quality video.  This player can either be part of the display or fit right behind it.  Because digital signage isn’t a one size fits all technology,  there are inexpensive solutions consisting of one display on up to enterprise grade installations with hundreds of displays.  Most of these systems work with your network and over the internet – wired and wireless.  Since this is often a new type of technology for your team to adapt to, we provide services including initial content development, integration to our IT Network and training.

The data extraction from multiple sources can be the more challenging aspect. Once this is done, information can be provided via SMS and to computer desktops for true enterprise wide notification. Grouping and scheduling insures that the right message gets sent to the appropriate audience at the right time.  An alternative means of distribution is to create one or more TV channels that can be distributed to TVs over a standard coax network.  If you need live video, we can provide the cameras with encoding to stream your content anywhere.

By insuring that the proposed system is easy to use and by providing training to your staff, this will encourage you to keep your content fresh and relevant.