As one of Colorado’s top AV companies our goal is quality, personalized service.

You can expect all your needs and concerns to be covered. From IT service, sales, maintenance, help desk assistance and more.

And with our flexible Service Level Agreements (SLA) we tailor maintenance and service programs that fit your equipment needs and budget.

Design & Engineering

From the initial discussions, through revisions, including documentation.

$95 per hour

Technician Training

Standard classroom or online training, including documentation.

$85 per hour


Wire pulling and terminations, projector hanging, flat panel install and rack building.

$85 per hour

Project Management

Scheduling, design support, and full installation quality control.

$95 per hour

Emergency & After Hours

Emergency support outside our normal business hours of Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

$105 per hour


Programming switches, boards, controllers, DSP, or new equipment.

$95-$140 per hour

Events & Special Assistance

Support for special events.

$55 per hour

IT Support

General IT support.

$100 per hour


General consulting.

$550 per hour

Our flexible Service Level Agreements (SLA) are custom designed for clients with the sole intent of providing not only exceptional value but also timely and efficient service. Our team will work to determine the service level required, frequency of checkups needed, as well as providing a budgetary quote that includes a dedicated blocks of hours to insure efficient service and maintenance. Services include scheduled system’s checkups with the following objectives:

  • Room-by-room inventories as well as technical documentation
  • Easily understandable instructional information for operating the equipment
  • All equipment will be tested, cleaned and labeled to insure future service continues to be swift and efficient regardless of which technician is assigned on any call
  • Cable management will be added to insure a clean and professional appearance
  • Training will be provided at pre-defined intervals or on demand as an additional option

Customers using an SLA receive priority service in addition to scheduled services. Billing is at applicable rates against a block of set hours to stay within budget. While pre-approving support allows you to know that your AV systems can be serviced without further in house approval and maintain established budgets. Free phone support is provided for SLA and standard customers. Accessory pricing is competitive and assists to fund the phone support. All documentation and programming code will be provided electronically for customers records. Survey or consultation is free and billing does not take place until technician has begun a call.

We provide service agreements for our clients, which include an invite to our service portal with credentials.

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