What Is Huddly IQ and Can It Benefit Your Team?

What Is Huddly IQ and Can It Benefit Your Team?

Huddly IQ available for sale now


We are excited to present to you Huddly IQ, an AI-powered collaboration device that delivers a video meeting experience like no other. With 150° wide-angle video, anembedded mic array and a powerful onboard neural engine that enables cutting-edge AI features and advanced space analytics, IQ makes it easier than ever to collaborate and get things done.


Smarter video. Better meetings


An onboard neural engine allows IQ to see, understand and respond to its environment in real time, automating the user experience in smart new ways.

What you see:



What IQ sees:



Genius Framing


With Genius Framing, IQ can detect the people in its 150° wide-angle field of view and respond by automatically framing them, removing the need to control the camera.


Analytics API


IQ gives organizations crucial insights into how their meeting spaces are being used, with high-quality analytics data accessible via the Huddly InSights API.

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